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Who wants to create unique and colorful photography that stands out?
If you'd like to transform your photographs and finally start creating images that stand out, this is one of the most important messages you will read.
Dear Friend,

Let's skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase.

We live in a world that is literally filled with photographers. Everyone has a camera in their pocket. Hundreds of millions of photos are shared every day online. How do you stand out?

If you've been paying attention to my Instagram and YouTube pages recently, you'll probably noticed that I have been talking a bunch about a method that can transform the way you look at photo-editing. And tons of photographers from all over the world are really excited about it.

"It transformed my photos significantly."
Those were the words of one my students from the Canadian Rockies.

He was able to take these techniques I taught and completely transform his work within months.

Like c'mon, just look at these photos captured by Inder Dhillon. They are beyond stunning.

I actually interviewed Inder in the 5th video of the 6-part video series. If you're interested in hearing his journey, make sure you check that out on my IGTV over on Instagram (@calibreus).

My students send me messages and their edits all the time regarding this technique that I teach in my courses.

It's such an amazing sight to see so many incredible photographers creating stunning and colorful work using this method.

Photography is becoming one of the most popular forms of art in the world. It's no longer about just simply taking pictures...
This is literally just one out of tons of case studies from multiple different photographers from all over the world.

Don't believe me?

Here are some screenshots of just a few of the messages and edits I have received from my students in the Colorscapes Masterclass:
As I said, I get these messages on a regular basis.

Now does that mean you will get the same results?

That depends!
The Disclaimer That Couldn't Be Any Plainer
There are many factors involved to creating unique and professional photos and like with everything, individual results may vary. 

But if you’re passionate about it and willing to practice what you learn from this class, I honestly believe that the sky is the limit. 

This masterclass is like a shortcut to getting to that goal of creating your colorful style quicker and easier, without having to spend thousands of hours of trial and error in Lightroom and Photoshop with no guidance as I did. 

If you are willing to put in the work, you will be able to accomplish anything with your photography.

Now that's out of the way,

Here's What I Can Guarantee
This is my best program so far.

I'm giving you the best information — and all information — to start creating unique and colorful imagery; no matter your skill level.

I won't hold back anything in the class.

Every single secret, every trick, every strategy that has worked for me or for one of my students is revealed and explained in detail so you can easily model it.

I honestly believe this is the best information you will find anywhere about creating super colorful photographs in Lightroom.

It is 100% up to date, fresh and extremely in-depth. 

It's not a bunch of abstract theory, but rather a "field guide" on how to start creating colorful and artistic edits with detailed instructions along every step of the process.

I believe if any program is going to help you transform your photography quickly, it's this one.

Although many people got great results from my Mastering Lightroom and Photoshop course, I wanted to step it up this year and blow everyone's mind by creating something on a whole new level.

So I've decided to draw the curtains and reveal everything!

Exactly What You're Getting
Creating this course and all of the free videos leading up to it was not easy for me. 

Honestly, if I had it my way, I would permanently stay behind the camera and just focus on capturing and editing my own photographs. 

But the thing is, I get so many questions regarding photography, post-processing, working with color, and so on; I just can’t leave you guys empty-handed. 

So I wanted to create something for everyone. I created the free video series for the majority of you who want to learn a little more about what I do without having to pay a dime for it. 

And I wanted to create an in-depth Masterclass for the ones that want to go the extra mile with it and take their editing to the next level.

So if you're one of those people, here are all of the details on exactly what you are getting:
The Lightroom Mini Course
Everything You Need to Learn on How to Use Lightroom to the Full
  • Understanding How to Create Foundations with the Basic Panel
  • Mastering and Controlling Contrast Adjustments with the Tone Curve
  • Creating Unique and Personalized Color Palettes Using the HSL and Color Grading Panels
  • Sharpening Your Images Without Adding Noise with the Detail Panel
  • Adding Depth and Drama Using Local Adjustments and Fine-Tuning With the Range Mask
  • The Best and Most Optimal Export Settings for Instagram
Once you understand the technical aspects,
then we can move on the artistic workflow...
Episode I
Cloudy Conditions - "Breakthrough"
  • How to Plan Out Your Shot, Adapting to the Conditions, Adjusting to the Scene, Composition
  • Setting the Foundation, Developing the Mood, Getting Texture While Maintaining Softness
  • Boosting Colors While Still Keeping a Soft Look Throughout the Frame
  • Bringing Out the Foliage
  • Darkening Skies While Using the Range Mask and Adding Light
  • Final Touches in Photoshop to Round Off the Look
Then I'll show you how to adapt to the conditions
most photographers dread to shoot...
Episode II
Sunny Skies - "The Tree of Light"
  • How to Capture a Balanced Image Despite Harsh Light
  • Creating a Dynamic Look, Setting New Color Palettes, Changing and Enhancing What Is Already There
  • Learning to Direct the Viewer's Attention and Enhancing What is Already There
  • Final Touches in Photoshop
Once you understand how to handle sunny conditions,
then we can move on to the fun stuff...
Episode III
Foggy Conditions - "The Flow of Nature"
  • Conditions, Composition, and Understanding Leading Lines
  • Why Shoot in the Fog? 
  • The Benefits of an Open Mind in the Field
  • Capturing the Colors
  • Using Color-Focused Luminance to Bring Out What is Already There
  • Creating Mystery with Graduated and Radial Filters
  • Painting with Light Using the Adjustment Brush
  • Adding that Dreamy Orton Effect 
After mastering the cold tones, we can begin learning how to edit warm images...
Episode IV
Sunrise & Sunset Conditions
-  "The Burst of Color"
  • Getting Creative With Your Composition
  • Directing Your Blows
  • Getting Your Feet Wet In Order to Get the Shot
  • Boosting Color & Mood While Focusing On Not Clipping What is Already There
  • Using the Adjustment Brush and the Range Mask to Adjust for Fringing
Then we will start to learn about exposure blending and a simple way of doing so within Lightroom...
Episode V
Golden Hour - "Sandstone Caverns"
  • Finding Natural Frames
  • Using Light To Your Advantage
  • HDR Blending Within Lightroom
  • Taking Care of Harsh Flares Using the Healing Tool
  • Creating a Warm Color Palette While Still Making Sure To Not Overdo It
  • Bringing It All Together and Finalizing the Edit in Photoshop

We'll also go over how to edit images full of mountainous layers...

Episode VI
Layered Landscapes - "Endless Horizons"
  • Beauty In Simplicity
  • The Effectiveness of Compression
  • Why Hiking Can Lead to Finding Surreal and Unique Locations
  • Creating Soft Pastel Palettes
  • Deciding Where To Take the Overall Direction of the Image
  • Working Around the Haze and Darkening the Sky
  • Creating Drama in Photoshop
  • How to Export a 2x3 Landscape File to Seamlessly Connect On Instagram

Then we'll jump into editing a photo from my favorite season...

Episode VII
Fall Fairytales - "Autumn Serenity"
  • Planning Your Shot and Counting the Cost
  • Understanding the Great Importance of Good Lighting
  • Developing the Foundation and Boosting Light
  • Understanding When and When Not to Bracket Exposures
  • Keeping the Colors In-Check While Dodging and Burning
  • Final Touches in Photoshop

Last but not least, a look at the challenge of shooting 
long exposure photography at night.

Episode VIII
Long Exposure Photography - "Hyperspeed"
  • Adapting Your Settings to the Ambient Lighting
  • Creating Light Trails & Using Timers
  • Balancing Out the Bright Highlights with the Shadows
  • Adding Stars and Texture to the Night Sky
  • Bringing It All Together and Creating an Atmospheric Image

And did I mention I'll show you an amazing and simple technique on
transforming your bland and boring scenes into something like this?

Episode IX
Milky Way Blends - "Interstellar"
  • Preparing the Foreground Image and the Milky Way Files Separately
  • Cutting Out the Sky and the Easiest Method to Drop In Your Milky Way
  • Bringing Out the Colors and Creating a Unique Palette That is Uniform Between Both Images
  • Adding that Dreamy Orton Effect in Photoshop
You're right, that's a lot of content and quite a bit of information to learn! But it's easier than you think.

And it's different from anything else you've seen before.

This is a complete step-by-step training that covers every single aspect of creating colorful photos. I reveal every single secret, every trick and every strategy that works for me and for all my students.

I will not only show you how to create these images quickly and effectively. But I will also guide you through creating your own unique style using these techniques.

And guess what, it gets even better than that...

I'm Also Giving You 5 FREE Bonuses Worth $1,695 If You Join The Colorscapes Masterclass Now
If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I actually care about the results that my students get and that's why I'll go the extra mile for you.

To make sure you get results from this, I'm giving you 5 FREE Bonuses Worth $1,695.

Here's what I've got for you:
Live Group Zoom Calls
(Value: $999)
  • 6+ Live Group Calls With All the Students in the Program
  • Get Access To Me Personally (Ask Me Questions About Editing, Photography, Business, Social Media, Etc.)
  • Watch Me Go Over Your Edits in Real-Time & Help You to Fine Tune Your Style
  • Personalize Your Learning So That You Are Able to Get the Most Out of this Masterclass
Plus you'll get access to my first ever private Facebook group...
Secret Facebook Group
(Value: $499)
  • Share Your Edits and Receive Feedback From Myself and Other Students in the Course
  • Gain Opportunities to Impress Me With Your Work and Have It Shared to an Audience of Over 160,000 People
  • Engage With Fellow Students and Learn From the Techniques and Ideas That Others Are Benefitting From
  • Get Personalized Answers From Me For Any Questions You Have During the Course
The Colorsets Collection
(Value: $99)
  • 40+ Foundation Presets to Use With Your Edits Whenever You're Needing Inspiration
  • 6 Tutorials Showing You How to Fine Tune The Presets For Your Images
  • The Perfect Solution When You're Struggling to Create an Edit From Scratch, Let the Presets Guide the Direction of Your Edit
  • Photographers From All Over the World Have Been Successfully Using My Presets for Years; You Get Them For Free
Commercial-Use Stars & Skies
(Value: $49)
  • License-Free High Resolution RAW Stars & Skies Images That You Can Use For Any Purpose
  • Sunsets, Stars, Milky Way Shots, Clouds; You Name It!
  • The Perfect Bundle For Easy Sky Swapping
The "Creative Compositions" eBook
(Value: $49)
  • Learn Exactly How I Planned Out and Composed Several Of My All-Time Favorite Compositions
  • Learn How To Understand the Balance to Following the Rules of Composition... and Sometimes Breaking Them
  • My First Ever eBook, Never-Before Released to the Public; You'll Get First Access

With these FREE bonuses worth $1,695 you'll be able to shortcut your way to creating unique and colorful imagery ...without wasting your time spending thousands of hours of trial and error within Lightroom and Photoshop as I did.

The way I see it you've already won.

It's almost like I'm giving you a ready-to-go workflow and all you have to do is implement it in your editing.

You probably already know that, so...

Here's What To Do Next
If you'd like to start creating colorful images right now and get one of the best post-processing shortcuts out there, you have to act now.

You can join the class for $149 one-time.

And if you don't have the money saved up but would like to join, you can hop on board for just 4 monthly installments of $47.

But the way I see it, this class won't "cost" you very much at all.

Here's why.

Think about how much money we invest into this expensive hobby of photography. Camera bodies, lenses, plane tickets, gas, food, computers, software; et cetera.

But how often does just one big photography purchase completely transform your work? Rarely.

I have shot with a multitude of different camera bodies and lenses. And I can tell you right now that a strong editing workflow is far more valuable than a $5000 setup.

For the price of a cheap nifty fifty lens, you can transform your workflow with this class.

This class is not an expense, it's an investment. 

In a world that is literally packed with photographers, you need a way of standing out.

And once you're able to accomplish that, then you can start getting the attention of potential clients and making some money off your work.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for The Colorscapes Masterclass and get $1,695 worth of FREE bonuses.

Here's What Happens After That
As soon as you've signed up for The Colorscapes Masterclass, you'll be added to the secret Facebook group.

You'll also receive your login information to access all of the course content.

And of course, you'll get the $1,695 worth of FREE bonuses and other resources that help you get started with your editing...

All I know is, you won't regret having signed up for this.

But here's the best part:

You'll be plugged into a group of fellow photographers and digital artists, all with the same goals and values as you ...creating beautiful and outstanding imagery.

We stay in constant communication in our secret Facebook group where you'll see what works, where we all share our best drop shipping secrets and help you build your store until you are the one proudly sharing your success story with the group.

Here's how the class breaks down: In every episode, you will watch through segmented videos that break down the process and make it easy to digest.

You will download the RAW files before you watch each episode, and follow along with me as we edit.

It's just like we'll be sitting there and editing each image together.

In total, you get access to over 6 hours of video training.

Now, you and I both know that I'll get a ton of interest from this letter, and that's why you need to read this next part carefully:

In order to provide you with the support you NEED in order to get the results you want with colorful post-processing, I can only work with 50 students at the same time.

I simply don't have capacity for more.

It's going to be a detailed and thorough, plus highly effective and rewarding post-processing masterclass for those who are interested.

The class is starting soon so time is a factor.

Once the timer on this page hits 00:00:00:00 registration will close and the class will start a few days later. But it might sell out much earlier because of the extremely limited seats available.

There are already over 300 people on the early-bird notification list.

And there are another 166,000 people on Instagram and thousands of followers on my other social platforms who might be looking to jump on this offer just because I'm opening a new class...

So if you're truly interested in building a profitable drop shipping business, you have to act right away ...before someone else gets your spot...

Oh, and in case you're wondering.

Spots are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Before The Class Sells Out
Yes, I understand that I'm enrolling in Zach Doehler's Colorscapes Masterclass
Yes, I understand that I'm getting $1,695 worth of FREE bonuses by enrolling
Yes, I understand that I need to act now to guarantee my spot

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